16 Mayıs 2013 Perşembe

What We Have Enjoyed in Balkans?


The first meal that we tasted in Balkans was "Cevapi" with original letters "Ćevapčići". It is really worth to try and one of the best things in the Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Before I have been there, I serached some where to eat this dish and I met "Ćevabdžinica
Želzo" in Sarajevo. This restaurant is also related with a fooball team with the same name. Many photos of the football team adorn the walls. Restaurant has a warm athmosphere and Cevapi is a kind of fast food in Balkans.
It comprises 6 piece of meatball inside of a half loaf of bread and serve with some onion, "kajmak"/cream, and as a beverage; they call yoghurt but it more liquid than yoghurt, but not as liquid as "ayran". But it is tasty and good with the Cevapi.