27 Nisan 2013 Cumartesi

How to Make Little Prince Paper Toy

Story of Little Prince had been loving by many people from around the world. Inspire their childhood even their grown daily life. I guess I'm one of them. When I feel hopeless or in a bad mood myself, I read this book again. :)

Intensive midterm week is a perfect time for me to make this paper toys to avoid studying my exams. :D
If you wonder how to make Little Prince paper toy,
 here we go.

21 Nisan 2013 Pazar

Old Town of Dubrovnik/Croatia

It is not an ordinary old town, it is still alive.
The most impressive side of the town is hosting local people, while it seems to be a touristic attraction. Other old cities that I have seen before are generally forsaken ruins. But this one is really different. You should see and feel the spirit of the city.
Yes, I think natural beauty of the Dubrovnik which I mentioned before, is a valid reason to visit Dubrovnik, but old town is much more than you expect.