15 Ekim 2013 Salı

What's new?

I haven't been writing any post approximately three months. There has been many changes in my life. So,  at first I graduated from my bachelor degree, which is about tourism management at Dokuz Eylul University. Then I applied for postgraduate degree which is Civil Aviation Man. And the evaluation of some exams and interview results, they received me to the programme. 
There wasn't any choice except to move from Izmir to Eskisehir. So I came back my hometown after 5 years and I started to live with my family again. I am not sure this situation is good or bad, I haven't decided yet, but we will see it soon.

So am I wiriting this post just to talk about my life? No, ofcourse not, I am writing because there is a new route to travel where I expect to have a good holiday.
The new route is ending at "Bozcaada".
After long decision process, we decided to this island to have a short holiday.