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What's Happening in Turkey?

I know this blog is a special interest blog which are my own interests, but now I want to wright about "What's happening in Turkey nowadays". I am writing just in very simple English to be heard internationally. I don't want to even think about that any Turkish citizen haven't got any information or against this resistance.

So I am beginning with the starting point of these scenes.

It was just about a park which calls "Gezi Park". This park located in the Taksim which is center of the Istanbul's European part  and it is one of the few parks in the city center.
 Government want to cut all trees there and instead of them they want to built a shopping mall.
And this shopping mall is not just an ordinary one. They construct the building like Taşkışla. 
Taşkışla was a building which destroyed in 1909, because of being center of the Sharia,
 who are against the secular/laic new Turkey. 
Now our government want to reconstruct this symbolic building again at the Gezi Park.

Upon this, our community started to guard the pak from huge backhoe loaders to prevent trees from destroying. They came to park with their children, pets, books, musical instruments, tents. And they just enjoyed in the Gezi Park. 

Then at 5 am  in the morning, polices were blocade the park and started to fire tear gases and burned tents of people, while they were sleeping. 

And this events spreaded the other streets of Taksim, polices use their forces disproportionately agains the unarmed civil community. And people learned all this hapenings from social media, not television or not radio because of the pressure and restrictions on the national tv channels. While all these events were happening, they airing some Penguin documentaries. It was like a joke.

When people saw this awful situation  via twitter and facebook, which against the human rights and unjustified, they come off the streets to stop this violence, which was doing by policemen, which's actual job was protect the community. These protest not happened just in Istanbul, people support from many cities of Turkey, and also many different countries. 

Hundereds of people crossed along the bridge, from Asian part of Istanbul to European part on foot, to support Taksim Resisting.


Especially in Ankara and Izmir, there was a huge brawl between citizens and police forces.
 Polices attact to civil people with metal batons which are forbidden in many countries, they also use some gasses like orange agent (again forbidden one in many countries), they kill and harm people with water cannons, plastic bullets. And again our national media air nothing about them.

 People shared photos and real time videos via twitter and facebook. Because of the intensive usage, this sites' mobile internet connections were blocked. Then people, who stays in Taksim, open or gives their wireless passwords to everyone to provide contunuity of the flow of right information. They open their doors to the community, if there is a need of people who protest the government. They try to help each other in every way they find.

These protests are in 6th day for now and last two days were really hard. This morning after all battles, people, who protest the all wrong things about the government, cleaned all streets and parks again with their families even with their children. So these protesters are citizens of the Turkish Repulic, they are not a member of party or group, they are just civil community. And they want to take their freedoms again. And this evening they are going to fight again this resistance not finished yet.


I added many photos from social media to show you the situation objectively.
Please support our rightful resistance.

And I want you to watch these videos to have an alive info.


And if you want to follow updates you can just look photos that share from these two facebook page.
 And also there is a post about "Occupy Gezi" published by The New Yorker.

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